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Welcome to the Colorsathlon Wiki! Learn about Bowsertendo666's show!

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2019 Edit

April ??: Production of Day 4 began.

2018 Edit

October 28: Day 3 was uploaded on YouTube.October 11: Day 2 was uploaded on YouTube and the 3rd series was renamed from “Nolhtasroloc” to “Bowserhexacontathlon”. Production of Day 3 began.

October 7: Day 1 was uploaded on YouTube.

October 2: Production of the 1st day began.

October 1: The Bowserhexacontathlon Preview has been uploaded on YouTube.

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October 1st: The Nolhtasroloc article has been completed.

Septemper 29: The Colorsathlon Wiki has been founded by Bowsertendo666.

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